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team coverage tonight, abc news is live tonight. let's start with you. >> there when he needs money, he knows where to go this, is the well. northern california. it's been a long day for the president, we've been following him. let's again this morning at sfo. if tsa seems restrictive, there is a several of security unseen since the last time. >> i was not able to say anything. >> for a small group they were worth while. they waited and they waited untilxgrally all traffic keysed. >> it would come over to shake stands to give us smiles. and we'll give encouraging words. >> there is the office of the
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president admits this is a political trip. his next stop tonight, a concert featuring john legend. tickets for,000 people cost $100 to 200s skpdz they began lining up going through screening hours in advance. >> thisxd is importantp because it's historical. >> just to see him in person. there is just a thrill. >> the president drew a few protestors. this group opposes the war in afghanistan.ñr and says he knows this is a hostile audience, but he's pranting seed autos ob yaum yaum -- obama being the worst president in the country's history hands down. >> why? >> we don't have that much time. >>1e and there is sound and sites from the campaign visit.
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the happiest people may be a greeting party. because mr. obama stopped to shake hands. >> there is what i can think of is wonder tofl meet you. it's a wonderful moment for me he will remember that as long as he is the president. his next event is the $20,000 a plate dinner. and alice waters is in the kitchen at that event. it's going to beç an interesting evening. the president leaves tomorrow. >> and there is where the president spent the afternoon. what is going on there? >> there is we're expecting him to leave his hotel shortly and travel to the center to attend a second fund-raiser. there is the first fund-raiser,
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for sitting with the president, each person paid $40,000 so if you do math there is already $1 million. you saw the motorcade arriving this afternoon. outside, a few had people waiting to catch a glimpse of the president. >> this is excited. wish i could have spoken to him. just to see him drive by was presidential. >> and when the president is in town, expect gridlock and closed streets. howard and 5th will be closed until tomorrow when the president leaves. he heads to ohio. there is important because it is a swing state. >> and on the way to the bay area from los angeles today the president made a side trip.
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dedicating a new national monument in honor of keysar chavez. this is the president's firgs visit to central california introduced but usw leader the crowd gave the president a festive welcome. >> he came to the tiny kern county hamlet to honor founder caesar chavez declaring his home to be a national monument. >> in years still to come, generations will stand where we stand and see a piece of history. a tribute to a great man, a great you havement. >> the area covers more than
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100 acres including his house where his wid yes still lives, a visitor sent skbrer a gravesite. his son, paul, says the president's declaration is an honor going beyond his father. >> just recognizing my father's life and contributions of latinos and immigrants. all of the hard work they've done to make this great land. cññr an effort to boltster support from the hispanic community. judging by the crowd he more than succeeded. >> very happy, very proud, today, we've created history. >> one of the thing that's caught me was a?è statementzv aa national monument it's capturing part of the american that is unseen, farm workers are part of america. >> the monument is destined to become a place of pilgrimage to a man inspiring farm workers and presidents. >> our world is a better place
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because caesar chavez decided to change it. let us honor his fem -- memory and live up to his example. >> the national parks service expects the nation yam monument toxl become a culturalú and historic, destination.s >> and the president will head to ohio tomorrow, very important in this election before returning tozthezv white house, we're going to hear from mitt romney later in this that have the. >> bill clinton will be in the area tomorrow, he's scheduled to appear in a campaign event at uc davis. heeds endorse four candidates for congress. you don't have to wait until november 6th toj kalt a ballot. you can vote in person or apply fr a vote by mail ballot there isç is a link to the site
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where you can get your application. you'll find that underxd see it on tv. >> new details emerging today in the murder of a woman found dead inside of her hercules home. the coroner says the 55-year-oldç suffered stab wounds and blunt force trauma to the head found inside of her front door. police called in help from fbi today. more than a dozen agents looked through the house for evidence.ñev >> ther5 is what we hope forçó anything possible to finding anything possible to finding the persona mom. >> family and friends organized a memorial for 8:30 this evening and her car, a 2011 subaru was taken fromçó her driveway. it's still missing. >> there is occupy oakland demonstrators today and
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contractors are busying cleaning up. nick smith is live where many folks are tired of it all. nick? >> this is where the mayor wanted tonight to be about the a's and their success but this week marks a one-year anniversary of the movement and this bench where i'mxd standing now was ground zero for the camp ground. you know since yesterday once again, they took the streets and costing thousands of damage to the city. >> just makes me feel terrible about what's happening in oakland. >> matthew, like many in oakland believe the city has seen enough violence and protests. >> there is÷úzeez a lot of great things happening. >> this took a back seat. he woke up to learn city hall had been the target of protestors intent on causing damage. >> when there are people breaking glass and destroying
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property it takes away frop exciting things happening oakland.ym >> there is an employ each is $20,000. demonstrators broke 12. this atm on the end of a raid. there is no match for the force. police say 200 used bricks and pipes to smash and crash through downtown. this time, vandals added something new to theirxd arsenal. paint. íç thick goog# y hall. íç thick goog# y policeç have been criticized for response to protests and has been under a microscope since the threat of a possible federal take over.eij-with no wo arrests. >> we don't feel we can approach the crowd of too. and without the officers getting hurt and also, innocent civilians, then, we have to take a wait and watch
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situation. >> police using a stand back and watch approach has some asking if this this has become the new normal. those who live and work in the middle of it hope not. >> destroying buildings is just making it harder to live here. >> we could see more from occupy oakland this week. the group marking a one-year anniversary of setting up camp at the steps of city all. -- hall. >> and still coming up a stem cell researcher wins a nebel prize forç medicine. >> and there is a fight for a living wage in san jose. >> and have you ever bought something in need of repair?
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is how one local couple handled this situation. >> there is a cloud free picture andñrç sprinkles may
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the president has come here in the middle of a gas crisis, prices hit a new all time high in california the average price at $4.66 a gallon. sanxdñ jose, $4.67. these prices may start coming down, soob. after a phone callwom the governor state regulator as agreed to allow patients to start -- stations to start selling winder blend gasoline about three weeks earlier than
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usual. winter blend gasoline releases more pollution into the environment but the tradeoff is that it will increase the supplyi] of gasxd and help bring prices down. >> gasoline prices have set a record high. we are paying that and set about that. but they will be coming down and will be maybe not coming down as rapidly as everyone wants. >> shell issued a statement ppen÷ú overnight z moreç complicated than flipping a switch so will take time, shell says, but we're able to do it and now, we're working on it, senator boxer called for an investigation saying prices should not rise this far, this fast. >> a judge postponed a hearing set to begin to determine what kind of penalties pg&e could face for the explosion two years ago. the judge delayed this hearing for a week at the request of the california public utilities commission. the cpuc wants to hold closed
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door sessions with pacific gas and electric. assemblyman hill blast that had decision saying cpuc cannot be trusted to geesh yait a fair deal. >> the puc should ab shamed. for two years, the residents of san bruno had been waiting for hearings to take place in public. >> pg&e spokesperson says the to approve a month-long delay in the hearing. >> a bay area scientist who revel yugsized the field of stem cell#;e research is a nobel prize winner tonight. he won thec prize for discovering a way to turn adult cells back into equivalent of stem cells. applauseñr from san francisco reached him all the way in japan. the now famous researcher
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celebrated news via teleconference with his colleagues. six years ago, he discovered a way to turn adult skin cells into the he qent level of embryonic stem cells. it provides an alternative from harvesting from human embryos. he told me that the ethical debate is helping drive his research. >> well, is why, and how i've got interested in reprogramming. >> the colleague says his technique led to major advances including ability to create beating heart cells in afá dish. >> there are heart diseases and viral diseases in areas we use his technology, just
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every -- to make major gain autos cells known as induce stem cells and he'll be used in treating eye diseases. colleagues scribe him as humble, bordzering on shy saying he's unlikely to change despite the international spotlight. >> i am very -- i'm a basic scientist he says much of the research is focused on the cells and he believes the feed advanced enough that human trials for macular degeneration could be possible next year. >> and nobel prize, interesting. remarkable work. >> and therelpv: is a beautiful
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start to the week. there is a chance of sprinkles into our viewing area. this is not going to be a gloomy, rainy day. there is a live view looking south ward there are patches of will he clouds near the coast beginning to form and thereçó is outline of gray there indicating clouds near the coast and there is sunny skies right now, as are all other areas inreasoned and around the bay there is 62 degrees in san francisco. 67 in oakland there are readings around the bay area into 60s and there are 68s with a map as well. forecast features partly cloudy skies overnight and mostly sunny skies by afternoon. showers into southern part of the viewing area wednesday. overnight tonight there are low clouds moving beyond the coastline across the bay into
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inland locations. there are lows into low 50s tonight ask cooler into the north bay valleys into low to mid-50s and there is a low moving into our direction going to make more movement towards bay area and there is a drop south ward and this will be in position to produce a chance of showers down around monterey and points into southern most part of the viewing area. there is is a chance down south. into afternoon. 67 redwood city. there is mild conditions tomorrow, downtown san
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francisco, there is a high of 63 tomorrow, up into north bay, highs from upper 60s to low 70s up to 70s in sant yo rosa. 70s in napa. there is 70 in union city. highs not much higher, mainly low 70s. thereç is highs into upper 60s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a chance of showers and friday, there is a warm up developing and over the weekend nice, and warm again with highs into low 80s by sunday, mid-70s around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. and mild0l weather sunday through monday. there is not too late to win $49,000. there is robert h from san jose andht christina m from san
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francisco entered to win by going on our facebook page. you can enter, too. go to and click on the right and the winner will be announced here after the 49ers game here on abc p a week from thursday. >> getting close. >> yes. >> just a week and a half away. >> and coming up next why a's don't want to take down the tarp that touches the upper deck. >> preventing fans from getting into playoff game. stay with us.
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general motors now hiring announcing plans to hire 1500 new people to staff a center near detroit one of four such centers gm will open around the country. hiring 10,000 people in three to five years, stock prices fell after world bank predicted a slow down of theu! economic growth in china this year. dow fell 26 points and apple fell more than $14 a shairks over 2%. and you tube today announced a launch of 60 new video channels int( europe featuring programming from european
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networks like bbc.ç and thereym is 100 such channels here in the united states. and there is now you can go shopping if you zront a bank account. walmart teeming up to start a prepaid debit card service that is targeting low income folks. >> and oaklandt( a's tickets in such demand fans snatched up every available seat for the game. there are 20,000 seats that are covered by tarp. despiteñr a petition, the team says it will not sell tickets for those seats unless the a's make it to÷ú the series. we asked johnny gomes what he thinks about that. >> we won al west so maybe we'll keep it that way. >> and this sounds reasonable.
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>> the a's swril to sweep the tigers at home, coming up in sports mike shumann tells us why they're confident that will happen. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> coming up when we return here tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 fight for a living wage in san jose. where owners say 10s sdz too much to ask for in a tight economy. >> also, mitt romney sharpens tacks on the president. he delivers a major foreign policy address today. >> decision day is near for suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. stay with us. the news at 6:00 continues here in just a moment. have you heard of the new dialing procedure
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for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012,
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if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! good evening, san jose could join san francisco in having the second highest minimum wage in the country. san jose voters will decide whether theyht wantçó to raise their minimum wage by $2 an hour, now, abc 7 is live to explain how that fightç heated
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up today. >> you can see how popular street food is this evening. we're at the blossom hill bpa station, food trucks have converged to serve hungry customers but soon they can be impacted by measure d. efforts to try to raise minimum wage to $10. >> right now, no. it's hard. i've got a son. a human bill board standing on street corners for $8 an hour, he earns $168 a week. and he will see a jump in pay to 10s fdz it passes. supporters say it's the only way for low wage earners to survive. >> there is average rent of $1800 a month there is no way
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a person making $8 an hour can survive, minimum wage is 3 to $0 a week. >> there is a proposal that believes smallfá and medium sized businesses will be hard pressed to pay higher rages. >> they rely on minimum wage workers as they scale back, it's note that had means fewer jobs for minimum wage worker autos supporters have been pouring over economic studies saying businesses will benefit from less turnover. will cost $600,000 a year and make it comply kuwaited. >> this will create problems for companies that have to have operations in more than one city look food trucks or company as cross the street from one another.
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>> there is fate now in the hands of voters come november 6th. >> and dvadç, thank you. >> and we're hearing stunning comments tonight from jerry sandusky on the eve of his sentencing for child sex abuse. the former assistant footballñi coach released a recording that accuses his victims of lying. and we have a segment of it for you now. >> there is over and over, i fair opportunity to prepare for trial? why had so many people suffered as a result of false allegations? what is the purpose? they can take away my life and
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>> they vo wade through documents and they have power reject it complete fully they want. mirkarimi's lawyer says facts do not support removeal and we're confident that the board of supervisors is going to see through the inflammatory rhetoric of the mayor. consider the facts in this case and reinstate the sheriff. and there is antidomestic violence groups held a rally. >> we must remain steadfast in affirming abus in any form, physical, financial, verbal is never okay. no matter who is perpetrating
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it. that includes the sheriff elect. >> and removeal will require the vote of at least nine of the 11 supervisors. >> just ahead here tonight at 6:00 rising gas prices squeezing small business autos how some are trying to get the most out of
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many of us trying to cut back on driving. >> that is not possible for some businesses. abc 7 tonight takes a look at how rising gas prices are striking some squarely in the pocket. owe oo outside of the downtown marriott, san francisco cab driver tells it like it is. >> there is a bad day. >> you said 15s sndz. >> no. >> he's been driving people around but 15s sdz all that rest after he pays to fill up the tank. now, with an hour left in his shift the whole day hinges on whether someone wants to go to the airport. >> i wait for them, i take airport. i make $65. >> it turns out to be his lucky day but as they wait, others are doing the math on this hike in gas prices and not liking the answer. >> this is all with gas price
6:40 pm
autos and. >> if you're a business owner with trucks or vans, numbers like these enough to make you rethink the way you operate. >> and there is five delivery vans filling up one costs over $100. she charges a flat delivery fee. when gas price goes up. >> we're absorbing it right new. >> when gas gets more expensive he says he relies on independent services. that combine jobs to save gas, if headed to the hospital he can pick up medical records. >> we mix flowers and freight and there is a mail run, covering medical records from the hospital. >> with this cost rising he has resisted raising pry price autos that is what i try not to do. when you start tacking that gas price on them, that does hurt the relationship and
6:41 pm
you'll find wrul get less shipments. >> and in abc 7 there is a link for you under see it on tv helping you find lowest gas prices in the area. >> every penny makes a difference. >> yes. >> coming up, the case of the cracked compute year how michael finney ma
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alaska airlines is exkbreernsing delays tonight. the airline says five cables belonging to sprint were receivered and another set of lines were cut between seattle and portland that. crashed and caused wide spread delays. nearly every flight departing three airports were delayed at least by 90 minutes or so. and there is last thing anyone wants after buying something new is for it to break out of
6:45 pm
box. >> and that is frustrating. >> there is someone stepping in to help with a lap top. >> there is little or more frustrating there are trips or phone calls and that how one santa rosa couple felt until contacting me. asking for help. there is how big the crack was on the computer screen. >> this looked like jagged pizzas that came out from around the crack no. picture. >> she says incident happened a month after she bought a dell computer. >> waits cracked and not dropped or mistreated. it broke. >> dell was prompt and one month later the computer won't boot up. so kathleen took it into
6:46 pm
staples and where she bought it, hoping to get ity paired. >> just a big hassle for a in product. something i just purchased. >> those hassles continued a year later when her partner use aid computer. >> i turned it on and started making the weird beeping noises i've never heard before. >> she took it to a repair shop. frustrated packed up and sent it back to dell. >> we went back and forth exchanging phone calls for about a week. and i kind of had given up on getting students -- the computer fixed. >> he aerted us, so we called dell. it jumped into action. >> there is a call meing me they're going to replace the unit. >> it did. they sent a brand new computer in, a statement dell told us
6:47 pm
it's sorry about miss smith's frustrations and problem was lap tops and are glad to report our customer engagement team did resolve the problem. >> and just lost my job. i wasn't ready to go out and purchase the new computer. and so i was very thankful that it was replaced. >> and the couple did not have a warranty for the compute yeser that is good of them. >> they did the right thing. yes. >> and want to update you on the progress of the president, he just left the intercontinental hot yeel now on his way to the bill graham civic auditorium in an effort to fund raise for the campaign. >> expect to raise $4 million and there is very nice weather there is and things looking
6:48 pm
nice perfect our mount tam camera. you can see development of a little bit of coastal low clouds becoming a little bit thicker as afternoon wore on later into the day. tomorrow looking at sunny skies and there is partly cloudy skies in the morning hours, mild and highs on the coast mid-60s, 60s to low 70s around the bay. there is tomorrow evening at the coliseum a's taking on tigers in game three partly cloudy skies and during game time. here is the game that could go longer and i know it could be earlier. there is the accu-weather forecast is is above 80s
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inland sunday. >> exactly. >> there we go. >> and it was a gorgeous day at the beach. and there is part of a school field trip. there is a using the knowledge to carve up the temple after theena in the sand. there is charlie brown has nothing on this. take a look. a new record for the biggest pumpkin set today at the pumpkin festival. 1775 pounds and this is a huge gourd. >> and there is tearing out more of the yard.
6:50 pm
>> and there is a multiple winner and his pumpkin brought $6 a pound of prize money. >> that is a big gourd. >> following baseball playoffs there is a way to share team spirit. there is a button going go, giants and a's. do it before it's too late. there is six to choose from. if you can't decide there are options for fans of both teams, too.
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there is some good action. >> and there is two thirds empty. there is at home and they will take them out and the a's swept 7 of the 23 series at home. including rangers to get into play joofs but have been their own worst enemy with too many
6:54 pm
errors. one play could make a huge difference on this court. and there is a's had to lead three times yesterday in detroit. they bounced back all season. they believe they can pull it off. >> we've played dramatic games that we lost and were able to win the next day. so you know our mantra is let's not worry about tomorrow. >> there is no panic. we just our last series at home was just swept. you know? there is before that at home was a series we september. it's a hostile environment. >> it is what it is. and there is a better place to come back to dig out of it now sh giants may have a tougher time and there is three straight games on the road to advance in the championship series. and kbrin voguel dos song getting a start. and reds have not been swept at home all season.
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strike one. starting pitcher homer bailey through a no-hitter season, then, strike two, giants bats have been asleep, scoring only two runs and hitting 169 against reds pitching staff. maybe clenching a playoff spot early. like a's they thrive on drama. it's last call. >> unfortunate part of a series is that this is a big margin of error. and hopefully play your best ball. get great pitching and timely hits. and they have on their side. we know where we're at. there are work cut out. it's best of five. and we'll come out ready to go tomorrow. >> there is game two there is a john jay up against the wall. plenty of offense in this one. there is cards up, then, in
6:56 pm
the 8th does it again. there is cardals evening the series at a game apiece. how about niners there is an offensive juggernaut. a franchise record 625 yards total offense. there is the team to have rushing and passing. alex smith in the first half that is a career high. there is no one complaining when not get being tough touches. >> they've been good with their approach and talent level. this has been upgraded. there are guys playing really well together. >> there is a great team
6:57 pm
victory. and this is three points in two weeks and it's incredible. >> saying there is no i in team. >> yes. right. >> they do look good. >> and that is this edition of abc 7. >> and we'll be back here at 11:00 on abc 7. from the entire abc 7 news team have a good night. so... [ gasps ]
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